Become An Independent LipSense® Distributor!
Its Time To Become A Girl Boss! Ready To Set Your Own Schedule & Make Money While Working From Home?
Why Become A Distributor?
LipSense has given me and my family the ability to stop punching the clock and prepare for the future. It's been a HUGE blessing & so surreal! I would love to help you get where you want to be and hit your goals!
As your mentor & coach I offer team trainings, that teach you successful ways to grow your own team & business. I will be available 24/7
Hit your GOALS by joining one of LipSense's Fastest Growing Teams. I am confident my training will help you change your life! Learn from the best, join a driven and growing team, and let's grow together!!
My LipSense® Story
I'm so happy you found me! My name is Corrisa Helquist :) I started this Amazing journey in April 2016. I found that wearing these products made me feel more confident and beautiful everyday, so I set out to help other women become their own boss make money from home & feel their most beautiful too!

I'm so excited to help you grow! LET'S DO THIS!!!!
*This is my story, results are not guaranteed and vary from person to person

I've always been an avid lipstick wearer. Always on the hunt for the perfect color and a lipstick that would at least last me a few hours. When my friend introduced me to LipSense® I couldn't believe the lasting power and how amazing my lips felt wearing it. Let's just say I was hooked from then on out. 

I decided to sign up as an Independent SeneGence® DISTRIBUTOR so I could earn discounts on my new addiction ;) I couldn't stop at just one color! I soon found myself telling every single friend of mine and anyone who would take a second to listen to me about this amazing lipstick! I was working to build a business which never even felt like "work" to me it was just Fun!  

3 months into starting my journey with SeneGence, my customers and team had grown so much I was able to quit my full time job and become a Girl Boss! I tripled my previous jobs income and I knew this is what I was meant to do. I have now been with SeneGence for a year and a half, I have trained and built an amazing team of other Girl Bosses! Our team is ranked in the top 3 teams in the entire company! Senegence pays my monthly payment of my new Jeep Grand Cherokee, and me and my husband just got back from an all expense paid trip from SeneGence to Cabo San Lucas! We were also able to buy our very first home! Our life has been completely changed because of joining SeneGence! Not only has my life been changed, but so many women on my team have had the same success as I have! Many of them now get to quit their jobs to be at home with their kids, pay off debt, buy homes and do things they never believed they could!
*Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person
How Distributors Make Money:
Sales Based Income
1. Immediate Sales: You buy products at the wholesale discounted rate and resell it to your customers.

2. Reorders: Reselling and up-selling to increase customer life time value.
Commission Based Income
1. Downline: Adding distributors to your downline allows you to make commissions off of their product orders.

2. Group Sales Volume Bonus: Earn team bonus commissions based on group sale volume. 
It only costs $55 annually To Become A distributor and you immediately get 20-50% off every order! 
*Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person
Ready To Be A Girl Boss? 
Join One Of The Fastest Growing Teams Today & I'll Help Guide You

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